As a company at the forefront of urban innovation, ALTO STEP has integrated several teams into the “Réinventer Paris” and “Inventons la Métropole” competitions, in order to provide its expertise on subjects related to:

  • the fight against the urban heat effect
  • energy pooling and renewable energy supply
  • the development of urban agriculture, green roofs and biodiversity
  • restoration of water cycles through alternative rainwater management
  • material recovery / reuse
  • the pooling of parking spaces, the development of intermodal hubs
  • the optimization of urban lighting
  • waste management and the development of industrial ecology approaches

ALTO STEP had the opportunity to put its expertise in sustainable development to good use, by participating in the development of the Environmental Excellence Strategy for the City of Paris’ bid for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, in particular by anticipating the environmental innovations that will enable Paris to stand out on this subject in 7 years’ time, through a prospective approach.

In a process of continuous improvement of approaches and techniques related to sustainable urban planning, ALTO STEP deepens certain topics of innovation within the framework of dedicated projects or its internal development.

This approach has also been reflected in certain publications co-authored by ALTO STEP:

The continuous improvement of techniques related to sustainable urban planning is enhanced by the following approaches:


Our VRD experts bring their technical expertise and experience in innovation in the design and construction of public and private outdoor spaces, being pioneers in the use of BIM in public spaces. In complex projects, the digital mock-up makes it easier to understand the project during design and execution. It allows all stakeholders to better visualize and understand the entire project in order to ensure coordination between the various technical batches and to guarantee cost and deadline control. Ultimately, the digital model will make it easier to maintain the installations and guarantee the sustainability of performance within the overall project.

innovative and animated in agro-ecology

The implementation of urban planning missions and the integration of environmental and sustainable issues into development leads ALTO STEP to set up participatory and concerted approaches: leading meetings, thematic workshops, public meetings allowing consultation, awareness-raising and information for elected officials and residents.

a technical and methodological tool that defines the environmental parameters of the urban ecosystem constituted by the operation

ALTO STEP has also developed an internal tool, both technical and methodological, “Urb’Ecosys”, which allows it to define, for a given urban or territorial project, the environmental parameters of the urban ecosystem constituted by the operation:

  • Sizing of the resources in place on the site: biodiversity, solar gains, networks, soils in place,
  • Sizing of inputs from outside the site: rainwater, external energy, materials,
  • Sizing of outputs: emissions of pollutants, waste, people flows, surplus energy produced.

This tool is a support in the definition of the environmental objectives of our projects: having knowledge of the inputs, outputs, elements in place and activity of the project, we seek to optimize internal synergies or with the immediate environment in an ecosystem approach and analyse the parametric influences of the objectives set.

Immersive model ZAC Route de Toulouse

Immersive model Jardin Argenté

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