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ALTO STEP - Pourquoi2

ALTO STEP’s success is based on the conviction that it is not enough to follow the steps of a sustainable development approach to guarantee the sustainability of a project and its innovative character. Our approach is based on the intersection of the following elements:

  • Extensive experience in cross-cutting sustainable development approaches,
  • An integrated competence in urban planning,
  • A recognized technical knowledge on all development scales (public and built spaces)
  • Proven competence in participatory approaches, towards all project stakeholders.

ALTO STEP (Environmental Strategy for territory and heritage) is specialized in sustainable city planning, environmental engineering and sustainable heritage management.

ALTO STEP takes action in environmental management for territorial and urban projects by mobilizing technical tools, which are essential to country planning, and heritage management. This approach allows the achievement of high environmental performance projects, which became an essential requirement for decision-makers, responding to a social urge for sustainable projects.

Our skills are organized in 3 areas adapted to the project’s different phases:

  • Definition of an environmental strategy for the territory, operational transcription of the city’s ambitions, setting up and monitoring indicators…
  • Management of urban planning operations (governance modes, inter-communities, social issues integration) and conciliation meetings in order to maintain primary goals along the project.
  • Technical studies of sustainable planning (impact studies, feasibility studies of renewable energy potential, environmental assessments, ground plan and outside comfort, energy planning, biodiversity, water infrastructure management)

We take action with the same rigor in every scale of country planning, wether it’s about:

  • Large territories (OIN Paris Saclay, Grand stade de la Fédération Française de Rugby pour la Communauté d’Agglomération d’Evry Centre Essonne, Plan guide de la polarité Est de l’agglomération Grenobloise),
  • Inter-town and town territories (SCoT Haute Lande, Carmes Campus in Clermont-Ferrand),
  • Urban renewal projects (quartier Dravemont à Floirac, redynamisation du centre-ville de Gennevilliers),
  • City centre and district planning (Eco-quartier Universeine à Saint-Denis, Eco-quartier de l’Artigon à Pessac, centre-ville de Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, aménagement de la route de Toulouse à Bègles).